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Arcane World

Commissioned by 'A Space' Arts

92 Old Northam Road, Southampton, SO14 0PB

Friday 12th October 2018 – Friday 1st March 2019

‘Arcane World’ is a new, site-specific installation commissioned by ‘a space’ arts to go on display in the shop window of what was previously The Hidden Wardrobe on Old Northam Road, Southampton. The work is activated by the viewer as they step into the doorway, triggering motion sensors that illuminate the view.

Svetlana Ochkovskaya makes immersive, disorientating, alien spray-foam installations; mythic representations of her world view. Inhabited by a creature that is neither human nor alien, real or imaginary, these glowing environments bend the fragile boundaries of our perceived reality.

The work will be on display throughout the winter.

DSC_1470 2.jpg
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