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Aesthetica&StreetLife Changing Room Commission 2022

Site-Specific Reindeer Moss Installation 

1 - 30 November 2022
The StreetLife Hub
29-31 Coney St, York YO1 9QL

Olana Light transforms the relationship between society and nature, asking us to adjust our perception of how we use resources and to think deeply about the impact our lifestyle choices have on the planet. Light invites individuals to reconnect with nature through natural materials, creating a sanctuary made from reindeer moss. This environment inspires us to become more conscious of our relationship with the Earth. Her work occupies a space between the mundane and unnervingly strange, reminding viewers to search for meaning and belonging in the uncanny world we inhabit.

The work was commissioned by AESTHETICa and The StreetLife(University of York).

StreetLife is an exciting project funded by the UK Government Community Renewal Fund. It explores new ways to revitalise and diversify York’s Coney Street, drawing inspiration from the city’s rich history and heritage and vibrant creative communities, and involving businesses, the general public, and other stakeholders in shaping the future of the high street.



Image Credit: Olana Light

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