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I Am Not Myself

Live Performance 

Mangoes into a Pub, Alfred Arms, A Space Arts, Southampton

8 pm 20 September 2019

2020       February, For/In Itself, curated by Olga Tarasova, Chalton Gallery, London                                                                January, Housekeeping, curated by Jessica Mankowska, Jeannie Avent Gallery, London

2019       December, Black and White Christmas, Pineapple Black Gallery, Middlesbrough

               December, Nasty Women Exhibition, Bovenfoyer van De Balie, Amsterdam                                                              November, Open Show, Yellow Edge Gallery, Gosport 

               October, NOW Digital Festival, curated by Genetic Moo, Margate                                                                              September, Mangoes into a Pub, Alfred Arms, Southampton

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I Am Not Myself_3.jpeg
Svetlana Ochkovskaya_I Am Not Myself .jp
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