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out I side I in

The Smallest Gallery

62 Dean Street, Soho, London

July - October 2021


Inhabited by a creature from Light’s series ‘Searching for a Place to Belong’, the gallery space will precipitate into the topographical corpus of its new resident. Arising from the sea of pebbles, the cryptic creature ‘exscribes’ towards encountering the passers-by but shies away blending with its natural environment.


Treating the body as a unique organon of signs, constantly exchanging its exteriority and interiority; out|side|in reflects on this intertwining as an extension towards Corpus – glorious materiality of what is coming, where existences take place and significations are abolished. The show is guest curated by Olga Tarasova.

Artist @olanalight

Guest Curator @ubiquitous_olga 

Venue @thegaragesoho 

Managers & Curators @philiplevine & @a_m_da_costa 

Lighting Design @Syntaxlighting 

Other supporters @architectural_fx 

Images Credit: Olana Light

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